Why Adaptive Prep for CAT?

Traditional CAT coaching has significant limitations:
- One-size-fits-all approach where the student is treated as a commodity
- Most of the students go to Traditional CAT coaching so they don’t gain much over others in relative terms


How Adaptive Prep works?

Adaptive Prep is “effective” + “efficient”:
- It diagnoses your strengths / weaknesses through scientifically designed test(s)
- Customizes your classroom curriculum to develop your interest in weaker areas
- Adapts online material to your level - tough questions in strong / easy in weak areas



What are the results of Adaptive Prep?

- Average Success Rate in CAT = 3 IIM Calls per 100 CAT Aspirants
- Success Rate of Adaptive Prep @ MBAGuru: 22 IIM calls per 100 students
This means: The success rate of Adaptive Prep students is 7.33 times higher than the average

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Experience Adaptive Preparation for CAT

This application contains 10-minute SWOTs (tests) on 20 most important topics across English, Quant and Data Analysis that you will be tested on in CAT and other b-school entrance exams. Take test and know your level in the topic instantly. Once you know, you can plan your efforts accordingly – that is the essence of Adaptive Prep – make your prep effective and efficient.

At the end of each SWOT, you get your level in that topic and a detailed analysis of your performance. The app also contains a series of videos on each topic. The app guides you to use the concept videos first in case you’re weak in a topic, otherwise it guides you to watch tricky questions in case you’re good at the topic. The app adapts to your needs.



This section contains write-ups by the experienced faculty at MBAGuru. Mentors at MBAGuru are from top b-schools like IIMs, ISB, SPJIMR etc., have worked with corporates and carry immense knowledge about management space which they love sharing with the students.



Welcome to the IPL of CAT Prep! Have fun while you learn. Play Cricket of CAT aka CriCAT – a new age app designed by team MBAGuru which works like Cricket while you solve CAT questions. Here too, the algorithm of question display is Adaptive – you get tough questions if you do well and easy if you don’t. Have fun!

MBAGuru & Sshrishti

MBAGuru has collaborated with Sshrishti to promote the cause of girl-child education. Apart from donating a percentage of every enrollment, MBAGuru gives out special scholarships for female students for furthering the cause."


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